Getting Fit

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I always find never-ending excuses, such as no time due to exams, too late, no companion etc, for myself to not exercise. With all the studies and catching up to do, exercising is my least priority right now. Yes, I have avoided drinking bubble tea since the start of the semester but due to exams (again excuses), I am back to this drinking addiction, despite knowing that it is bad for my health. Weighing myself, especially on a digital scale is very demoralising. Wearing sleeveless clothes, showcasing the flabby arms makes me depressed. However, I keep comforting myself with “I can lose it next time, after exams”. Procrastination is really harmful.

At least one good thing that I have committed myself to since the start of the year is to attend pole lessons. It is enjoyable to be able to work out and at the same time, do something that I like. However, the lessons is only 1 hour a week, which I know is not enough. Looking at videos on static exercises spur me on to do them when I reach home. However, laziness always takes over and I will end up doing something other than exercising.

Keeping fit and healthy is essential to have a healthy mind and to boost my inner confidence. I’m writing this post with the intention to constantly remind myself about this and not to be complacent with what I have now.


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